Transitional Living Program

The Rise and Shines’ Transitional Living Program provides long-term residential services to homeless adults, who are placed by the following referral agencies: Kansas Department of Health Environmental/Department of Children and Family, Law Enforcement or private individuals in need of services offered. The typical age range of adults in the Transitional Living Program is 18 and older can have an Axis 1 diagnosis of serious mental illness. In addition, the individual may present with various other health issues requiring 24-hour supervision and services that help them develop the skills necessary to become independent. Living accommodations may include supervised housing rented in the community or owned by RSFI. The admission team will ensure that the placement is in the least restrictive environment. The issue of least restrictive environment will be addressed annually at the individual’s Care Plan meeting. 


The Life Program operates scattered-site homes throughout Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. We serves we men and women, as well as seniors and all veterans.


Services Offered


Rise and Shine Foundation, Inc’s Transitional Living Program (TLP) assists homeless people in gaining self-esteem and learning the skills necessary to become self-sufficient and live independently. Services are provided in the following areas:

  • Safe, stable living accommodations

  • Basic life-skill building, including consumer education and instruction in budgeting, the use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and parenting skills

  • Interpersonal skill building, including enhancing young people’s abilities to establish positive relationships with peers and adults, make decisions and manage stress

  • Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, postsecondary training and vocational education

  • Assistance in job preparation and attainment, such as career counseling and job placement

  • Education, information and counseling to prevent, treat and reduce substance abuse

  • Mental health care, including individual and group counseling

  • Physical health care, including routine physicals, health assessments and emergency treatment



An individualized transition plan is developed with maximum input from each participant, based on personal and/or family needs. All properties are considered “shared living” and are semi-supervised. They are not owned by Rise and Shine Foundation but are located in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.

Participate Profile

Each service area within the Transitional Living Program has unique criteria for eligibility and services offered may vary. Requirements may apply for eligibility. There is a fee to participating youth.


  • Between the ages of 18 and older.

  • Demonstrated care of property.

  • Demonstrated ability to follow societal rules.

  • Demonstrated desire to be successful.

  • Shown the ability and willingness to take personal responsibility for their actions.

  • Demonstrated stability in previous placements.

  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to find and maintain employment.

  • Homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

Flexible Admission Criteria

Transitional Living Program at Rise and Shine’s is available to both women and men ages 18 and older.  Individuals seeking services are considered based on the individual’s needs. Raise and Shine will not discriminate against individuals with regards to sex, national origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation or type/severity of disability, including HIV/AIDS, at any time.

 If an opening exists at Rise and Shine and can meet the individual needs admission, will be accepted. 


1. Participants must be in school, working or be involved in community services or have a combination of these to equal a fulltime commitment.


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