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Rise and Shine Foundation, Inc is reaching out to the crisis confronting the behavioral, emotional, social and spiritual needs of youth and adults and their families with dignity and care, providing a continuum of innovative programs and services of the highest quality.


Our goal is to provide our Life Transitional Living Program, Intensive In-Home Service Program, and or Residential Program as an alternative to law enforcement, child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice systems by address the immediate physical and emotional needs with the goal of returning youth to their families when safe and appropriate or toward independent living including supportive services to help the homeless and those living with special needs. By building a support system for young people through their families, communities, and schools and other sources that will continue to function even after they are no longer working with our organization through a continuum of programs using our EFR approach.

What We Do!


Rise and Shine is opening its door to help thousands of youth and adults get their lives back on track. Located in Wyandotte County Kansas City, Kansas Rise and Shine provides a wide array of therapeutic options and a dedicated staff of more than 5 professionals. Together, we can help youth and adults and their families begin to put their lives back together.


Our services include:


Life Transitional Living Program


Intensive In-Home Service Program


Residential Program


The above programs provided include specialized crisis services, including basic life skills, education, mentoring and use of credit, parenting skills, interpersonal skill building, educational advancement, job attainment skills; and mental and physical health care as appropriate.





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